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2013, August 30. 100 icons of Korean culture ep67 hyo. 2013, August 30. 100 icons of korean tradition ep68 jikji. 2013, September 4. 100 icons of Korean culture ep86 king Sejong. exam message made most plain to me after meditation in this passage was that Mary was a great, as a mother, a sister and a lover; she was finished in her femininity. Here was exam triple goddess that I had placed on my altar in my first dream of Magdalene!Mary Magdalene is exam closest thing I can conceive of as a Goddess. She is my vision of divine wisdom, feminine glory and sensuality. While it is feasible to dicker about examination literal interpretation of exam word “deity,” there’s much more to worship and veneration than what my ancestors regarded holy, it is an issue of where examination Divine manifests in my life as an entire; head, heart, body and soul. My dedication is much more as a result personal revelation and meditation than anything else set down by a scribe a whole lot of years ago. After my preliminary dreams of Magdalene, I decided to set up an altar to her just to see where it’ll take me. We also mentioned how to set up strategic alliances within your group, how to stability building a company and raising a family, and how sponsoring people’s events has helped build their very own enterprise. Finally, we mentioned how they put on their very own large events every quarter and exam things that go into pulling them off. We mentioned so much more on exam show. You can subscribe to examination show on iTunes every time. You can also listen to any previous episode at Sean Tyler Foley was this week’s guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is examination Managing Director of Drop exam Mic Agency, a corporation designed to aid speakers find their voice and get on stage to share their message.